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ㆍENFC Co.,Ltd was established in 2009 and has been specialized in environment & energy technology.
ㆍENFC Co.,Ltd is manucturing company of environment & energy products and has a R&D research center.
ㆍMain product : Deordorant, Engine oil addirive, Biomass oil system

○ Deordorant
- Our de-ordorant reduce the ordor indused meterials and homesick materials, and sterilize all the virus and bacteria up to 99.9% by using visible light induced photo catalyst.
- Our de-ordorant composed of visible light induced photo catalyst. Our de-ordorant decompose the air pollutant into CO2andH2O.

  The function of our de-ordorant is as follows;
1. Air purification function. Eliminate materials that cause house sick syndrome and car sick syndrome(such as VOCs, formaldehyde)
2. Antimicrobial and sterilization function. 99.9% of bacteria are sterilized within 15 seconds.
3. Atopic prevention. Prevents atopic dermatitis, house dust mites.
4. Stench removal function. Ammonia, ordors are removed.
5. Prolonged durability of antiseptic and deodorization functions.

○ Engine oil additive
Our product has good performance of fuel saving and power increase, and reduction of noise and vibration. It is unprecedented engine oil additive with nano-catalyst.

The mechanism of our engine oil additive is as followings;
1. Without engine oil additive, normal state
Explosion occurs only in the center causing combustion irregularities and low combustion efficiency.
Residual forms on the wall due to unburned hydrocarbons from incomplete combustion.
2. With engine oil additive
Nano-catalysts creates uniform coating on the cylinder wall diffusing microscopically the injected fuel.
Microscopically diffused fuel enables full combustion in the chamber generating high combustion efficiency.

 - While driving:
Increases combustion efficiency by completely sealing the micro-cracks inside the engine(preventing pressure loss), and reducing friction and abrasion between the piston and the cylinder wall.
Increases fuel efficiency by boosting fuel combustion, reducing blow-by gas, and decreasing toxic materials like CO and unburned HC, smoke, etc.
Increases engine efficiency and power by boosting fuel combustion

 - Before & After Driving:
Keeps lubricating film from spilling over engine oil and prevents friction and abrasion during ignition (70~80% of engine abrasion is directly caused by it)

○ biomass oil system
Generally, wood pellet has been used as an eco fuel for power plant. However, although wood pellet is eco fuel, it produce air pollutant such as smoke and CO, and hydrocarbon while combustion as well as so much ash. There are other problems using wood pellet for power plant. One is lack of calorific value of wood pellet and the other is new equipment for wood pellet combustion must be needed.
In order to solve those problems, we produce bio oil from wood pellet of other cellulosic biomass and make it to eco emulsion oil mixing with Binker-A using emulsifier.
One of our technology is making bio oil from cellulosic biomass using catalyst. Another is making emulsifier and the other is whole system engineering.
We want to build eco emulsion oil plant to your country or other countries in Latin America or in U.S.A. with our technologies and your budget and labor.
We want J.V. or investment for execution of building eco emulsion oil plant.

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  • Company NameENFC Co.,Ltd
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2009
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsChina,Dominican Rep.,South Korea,Peru
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
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  • PresidentMoon Chan Kim
  • Phone+82-10-5298-4767
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