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Engine oil additive

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Engine oil additive


  1. Smoke Reduction 10~25%
  2. Noise/Vibration/Driver Fatique Reduction
  3. Unburned Hydrocarborns Reduction 65~85%
  4. Fuel saving of 3~35% in different driving modes


  • Product: Engine Oil Additive
  • Brand Name: Ssencat
  • HS CODE: 2710.19
  • Explanation of Product:
    - Strengthens engine oil to reduces friction and corrosion, eliminates contaminants and debris, seals gas, and prevents the risk of smoke & fire.
    - Improves combustion efficiency by splitting injected fuel into microscopic particles within the engine.
  • Distribution Channel: ENFC Co., Ltd. -> Distribution Enterprise -> Consumer
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2008, Product Liability Insurance


Our product has good performance of fuel saving and power increase, and reduction of noise and vibration. It is unprecedented engine oil additive with nano-catalyst.

The mechanism of our engine oil additive is as followings;
1) Without engine oil additive(Ssencat), normal state

Explosion occurs only in the center causing combustion irregularities and low combustion efficiency.
Residual forms on the wall due to unburned hydrocarbons from incomplete combustion.

2) With engine oil additive(Ssencat)

Nano-catalysts creates uniform coating on the cylinder wall diffusing microscopically the injected fuel.
Microscopically diffused fuel enables full combustion in the chamber generating high combustion efficiency.

● While driving:
Increases combustion efficiency by completely sealing the micro-cracks inside the engine(preventing pressure loss), and reducing friction and abrasion between the piston and the cylinder wall.
Increases fuel efficiency by boosting fuel combustion, reducing blow-by gas, and decreasing toxic materials like CO and unburned HC, smoke, etc.
Increases engine efficiency and power by boosting fuel combustion
● Before & After Driving:
Keeps lubricating film from spilling over engine oil and prevents friction and abrasion during ignition (70~80% of engine abrasion is directly caused by it)

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Engine oil additive

Engine oil additive